18 September 2012

How the Georgia Archive Has Helped Me

     I have visited the Georgia Archive about 6 times since my first visit back in February of 2011.  I really wish I hadn't waited so long to visit the archive, as it's been invaluable for extending my family tree.  Some records provide one simple fact, others provide great insight into the lives of my ancestors. Here's a list of what I've found, which I would not be able to find online:

Tilman Albea Homestead
  • Deeds - 16
    • Craft, Evans, Britt, Logue, McCurley, Outz, Quattlebaum
  • Homestead Records - 4
    • Evans, Britt, Albea
  • Tax Records - 16
    • Albea, Craft, Alexander, Powell, Shiflet, Britt
  • Wills - 6
    • Craft, Powell, Alexander, Cash, McCurley
  • Church Record Books - 3
    • including deeds, baptisms, membership lists, etc
    • Albea, Britt, Barfield, Boatright
  • Minute Book Records - 3
    • Albea
  • Marriage Records - 4
    • Craft, Waters, Britt
  • Estate Records - 3
    • Boatright, Albea
  • Civil War Pension - 6
    • Craft, Powell
    • assorted lists for soldiers and widows
  • Maps - 1
    • Lincoln County
  • Death Certificates - 1
    • Boatright 
    • years which are not online otherwise cost $25 dollars via mail
  • Personal Affidavits - 1
    • Craft
     Almost as important, but which I cannot pin a number on, are the numerous documents which I know do not not exist in a particular record collection. It's always disappointing not to find a record, but it's still valuable information.

     I'm just one person and this is just what I've managed to find. Duplicate my finds by the thousands of people who visit the archive every week. 

     I think back to some of my most exciting finds, when I was literally bouncing in my chair in front of the microfilm reader. The Secretary of State wants to take away those moments from his citizens. It makes me sad. 

     Let's all do what we can to tell the politicians in Georgia that our state archive is important to us. Sign the petition, join the facebook group, and contact the governor, the sos and your local representatives today.

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