25 September 2012

The DNA of a First Cousin, 2x Removed

     I logged into my AncestryDNA account today to a happy surprise: a suggested 2nd cousin DNA match!  And I recognized the username (blacked out below) as my Waters cousin. My first cousin, 2x removed to be exact.

Here's what our match page looks like:

     AncestryDNA has predicted that we are 2nd cousins. Considering that we are 2x removed, this is probably a logical prediction.  I would love to be able to look at our match in more detail, but there really isn't anything else to do with this match at this point.

     I hadn't know that my Waters cousin had taken a DNA test and I'm very happy that she did. I had tested her brother's Y-DNA over at Family Tree DNA to find the origins of our male Waters family line. I had been thinking lately of upgrading his results to the Family Finder test. Hopefully now I won't have to!

     I say hopefully, because ftDNA has number of features that Ancestry.com's DNA does not. Unfortunately the AncestryDNA test does not offer a number of features that allow me to evaluate our match. I can't download my raw data, I can't see how many centiMorgans of DNA my cousin and I share, I can't view our DNA on a chromosome chart and I can't see which DNA matches in my list match the one's in my cousins' list.  I can do all of these things at ftDNA.  Hopefully, Ancestry.com will update their DNA features soon and I won't have to purchase an additional test.

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