03 September 2012

A Day At The Cemetery (in photos)

     Atlanta's Historic Oakland Cemetery is having a contest using Instagram. It's a simple enough contest: take photos during September using Instagram and tag them with #OCATL. The photos should: "be taken of and inside Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GA. Photographs should highlight distinctive elements that differentiate and identify Oakland Cemetery, featuring outstanding aspects of the art and architecture, gardens and landscape, and wildlife." Ten photos will be chosen and the winners will receive tickets to the 2012 Capturing the Spirit Halloween Tours.

     I visited Oakland today and here are my photos. My favorites are the one of the gate, the yellow flower and the gazebo.  You can click through to see larger versions of the smaller photos.


Leah Allen said...

Really beautiful photos, Valerie. I especially like the ones with flowers and the juxtaposition of them and the stones. Great job!

Catherine Pendleton said...

Great photos!


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