08 September 2012

Wiki Loves Monuments USA: A Photo Contest

    If you've logged into Wikipedia recently, you might have seen the banner across the top of the page announcing the Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 Contest. I assume that many other genealogists are like me and interested in history, so this contest is probably of interest to the geneabloggers community.

     The general gist of the contest is to upload a photo of a location on the National Register of Historic Places List. By doing this, you will be adding your photo into a database of freely licensed images of our nation's historic places. There aren't too many rules to the contest, but you can read them here.

     Having visited a number of locations on this list, I already had some eligible photos on my computer. For example, the photo below of the John Fox House in Lexington, SC.  When I uploaded the photo, only one other location in Lexington County had a photo.  Now most of the locations have a photo. It looks like the contest is accomplishing its mission!



Ruby Craft said...

Great photo of the John Fox House. I remember enjoying the tour that started at the Lexington History Museum across the street. Very informative and friendly staff and a great selection of historic pieces. Good Luck!

rozina islam vabna said...

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