10 September 2012

Great-Grandaddy Mack, the Jitney Driver

     I recently found a new city directory listing for my Great-Grandfather, Vary "Mack" Huyler in 1928 Columbia, South Carolina.

     His job title, "jitney drvr," struck me as funny. What did it mean? A search turned up this image from Fulton County, Georgia sometime in the 1920s:

     So my grandfather, at age 25, was driving this taxi/trolly combo. Meanwhile, others are still driving around, literally using horse power!

     By next year's directory, he'd moved on.  He moved a lot and the next listing I have for him is his 1937 social security application, at which time he was working at a cotton oil company in Augusta, Georgia.

     From the 1928 directory, I also learn his address: 1419 Jefferson.  I was able to find the address on google maps. He was living in a shotgun house:

     Mack's travels make him hard to track down, but I am finding, him piece by piece.

1 comment:

Ruby Craft said...

You keep finding new information. Thank you for all of the dedication and hard work of researching our family. I know that this line is especially hard to track.


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