21 January 2009

the life & death of Mrs. Mary E. Whitlock

Considering that she's part of my Wat(t)ers brick wall, I should have sent off for the death certificate of Mary Elizabeth _?_ Waters Whitlock a long time ago.  I suppose that since I had her maiden name listed on her son Leverett's death certificate, I thought I knew who she was - Mary Elizabeth Harding.  I couldn't seem to find any information about her though.

Now I have an alternative name for her: Mary Pilgram. I'm inclined to believe that this name is correct, since it was listed by her son, instead of her granddaughter, as the first name was.

notes Here's what I know about Mary:
  • From my Grandmama, I know that she was married twice.  First to the husband of her two sons, Leverett & Millard Waters and second to John Whitlock. This fact is confirmed by the fact that Milton Waters, the son of Leverett, is buried along side his Whitlock cousins in Westview Cemetery.
  • According to my Grandamma, Mary and John had a son named John. He married Emma and their children included Martha and Betty. 
  • Mary and John appear together in the 1900 & 1910 Census of Marietta, Cobb, Georgia. They are in the 1920 Census of Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia.
  • Census records give their children as: Mary (b~ 1888), Lula (b~ 1891), John (b. 4 Mar 1896), and Martha Josephine (b~ 1898).  But John had been married before according to census records.  Perhaps these aren't all her children?
  • Each census record gives conflicting information on the years of her marriage.
  • They appear together in the 1925 &1927 Atlanta City Directories.  Mary appears alone in the 1928 Directory, her husband having died the prior year.
  • Mary Whitlock is listed as the wife of John Whitlock on his death certificate. He is listed as buried in Bascum Church.  I found this cemetery in Cherokee County, where a helpful volunteer at FindaGrave.com obtained tombstone photos for me.  Mary is buried next to John.
  • The birth date on her tombstone is 1855.  All census records seem to indicate that she was born in 1966.
This family is a jumbled mess! I need to figure them out.

Mary Whitlock

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Anonymous said...

You don't mean 1955, you mean 1855. And it seems to me she died in 1920. ??


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