11 January 2009

Where Daddy lived

I sat my Dad down today and talked to him about the places that he lived as a child.  His parents met and married in Elbert County, GA - up on the border with South Carolina.  My Dad's oldest sister, June, talks about living on Huff Road, but that was before Daddy's time.

His first house was on Ball Park Drive in Tucker.  He remembers that there was a ball field, a swimming pool (25¢ to swim all day!) and a "lake."  Their house was right next to all of those.  

He remembers going into the lake (pond really) when they weren't supposed to.  Two steps in and he cut his foot open!  At the swimming pool, they had Dad jumping off the high board and swimming across the pool to prove he could swim before he was even in school.


His next house was off Rosser Terrace, also in Tucker.  He remembers his older brothers, Wayne and Gary, making carts to ride down the hill.  The carts had metal things on them that would spark as they went.  He also remembers when a firecracker went off in his hand.

Google maps doesn't go down this street, but here it is:

Finally, Dad lived in Lilburn, on Harmony Grove Road.  He moved there while he was in 1st grade, changing from Briarcliff Elementary to Lilburn Elementary.  This is the house where he lived out the rest of his childhood.  This house burned down at one point, while most of the family was away, visiting relatives in Elbert County.  They rebuilt the house on the same land, in just a slightly different location.  There's also an old well in the front yard.

(I love google maps street view!)

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