10 January 2009

money, money, money

I've been following Dear Myrtle's suggestions on getting organized. She had some really great ideas for which products and what filing system to use. I especially liked her suggestions because she stated why she preferred this way over that way of organizing. Her suggestions really helped me get started organizing. But boy, is it expensive to get organized!

9 - 1 1/2" binders: $36
1 - 650 page paper pack: $7
7 - packs 100 page protectors: $40
2 - sets ink cartridges: $50

And I'm just getting started! But it's going to be worth it in the end. I'm organizing my research into binders that read like a story and are easy for others to follow. I'm also getting the documents off my computer and into hard copy. This way if my computer crashes (again!) I'll have my documents saved.

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