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04 February 2009

building brick walls higher

It seems like I have a brick wall that is determined to grow higher.  I'm rather frustrated with my Great Great Great Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth UNKNOWN (1855 - 1928, GA).

I've posted about this particular brick wall before.  I'm trying to find the parents of Leveret Waters.  I know that his mother was named Mary and that she was married twice.  Once to John/James/? Waters and then to John B. Whitlock.  I've found her grave and three documents (1, 2, 3) that list her name.  The problem? Each document gives a different maiden name.  

I received the third document today - her death certificate - and hoped that I'd be able to name Mary.  Instead I was given yet another maiden name for her.  She's either Mary Harding, Mary Pilgrim or Mary Bascum.

Mary's death certificate lists her as born in Georgia, her father as John Bascum from Ireland and her mother as Elizabeth Pilgrim from North Carolina.  Though her maiden name is listed different from the the previous two documents, it does show promise.  Her mother's maiden name is given as Pilgrim, which matches the name that Mary's son gave as Mary's on his SS-5.  Also, this death certificate gives her father's name as Bascum.  Mary and her second husband are buried in Bascomb Methodist Church yard in Cherokee County, GA.  Coincidence? Maybe, but it's something to check out.

So, I have yet another name to investigate, but at least it ties in to some of the other names that Mary has been given.  This is a very frustrating brick wall and I want a sledge hammer.


21 January 2009

the life & death of Mrs. Mary E. Whitlock

Considering that she's part of my Wat(t)ers brick wall, I should have sent off for the death certificate of Mary Elizabeth _?_ Waters Whitlock a long time ago.  I suppose that since I had her maiden name listed on her son Leverett's death certificate, I thought I knew who she was - Mary Elizabeth Harding.  I couldn't seem to find any information about her though.

Now I have an alternative name for her: Mary Pilgram. I'm inclined to believe that this name is correct, since it was listed by her son, instead of her granddaughter, as the first name was.

notes Here's what I know about Mary:
  • From my Grandmama, I know that she was married twice.  First to the husband of her two sons, Leverett & Millard Waters and second to John Whitlock. This fact is confirmed by the fact that Milton Waters, the son of Leverett, is buried along side his Whitlock cousins in Westview Cemetery.
  • According to my Grandamma, Mary and John had a son named John. He married Emma and their children included Martha and Betty. 
  • Mary and John appear together in the 1900 & 1910 Census of Marietta, Cobb, Georgia. They are in the 1920 Census of Atlanta, Fulton, Georgia.
  • Census records give their children as: Mary (b~ 1888), Lula (b~ 1891), John (b. 4 Mar 1896), and Martha Josephine (b~ 1898).  But John had been married before according to census records.  Perhaps these aren't all her children?
  • Each census record gives conflicting information on the years of her marriage.
  • They appear together in the 1925 &1927 Atlanta City Directories.  Mary appears alone in the 1928 Directory, her husband having died the prior year.
  • Mary Whitlock is listed as the wife of John Whitlock on his death certificate. He is listed as buried in Bascum Church.  I found this cemetery in Cherokee County, where a helpful volunteer at obtained tombstone photos for me.  Mary is buried next to John.
  • The birth date on her tombstone is 1855.  All census records seem to indicate that she was born in 1966.
This family is a jumbled mess! I need to figure them out.

Mary Whitlock

31 July 2008

ATL directories - pt 2

Mom & I went down to the Fulton County Library Central Branch Today. We once again looked through the Atlanta City Directories to find our city dwelling ancestors. I really love these city directories. They make it so easy to track ancestors, especially between censuses or after 1930.

We've actually found quite a lot. Here's the summation of our research to date:

1947 Albea June M r 400 Whitehall SW hsekpr The Frederick Hotel
1945 Albea Mama A Mrs. r 302 Glenwood av SE icer natl Biscuit Co
1947 Albea Pansy r 400 Whitehall SW hsekpr The Frederick Hotel
1950 Albea Pansy r 400 Whitehall SW
1945 Albea Roy V h 302 Glenwood av SE mech White Motor Co
1950 Albea Roy V (Betty D) r 400 Whitehall SW order filler Atl Economy drug
1953 Albea Roy V (Betty D) h 714 Shelton av SW driver D & D Trans p46
1955 Albea Roy V (Betty D) h 1177 Moreland av driver overnite transportation
1956 Albea Roy V (Betty) h 1177 Moreland av driver overnite trans.
1948 1949 Huyler Mack (Ruby W) r 127 Rawson SW emp Black & Munn p765
1936 Huyler Ruby L, Mrs. r 376 1/2 Decatur SE p689
1948 1949 Huyler Ruby W, Mrs. r 127 Rawson SW emp Exposition Mills p765
1928 Mitchum Edw M (Ethel) ??? h 1272 N Highland ave NE slsmn p887
1919 none
1954 none
1930 Price Alma r savannah se p925
1931 Price Alma r Fair SE p976
1932 Price Alma r savannah se p882
1938 Thompson Thomas A (Alma) h 397 Central av SW pntr p1368
1939 Thompson Thos A (Alma) h 397 Central av SW pntr p1231
1955 Turner Bobby E (Pansy) r 400 Whitehall SW chkr Overnite Trans
1956 Underwood Alma Mrs. r 258 Hendrix av SW cash Am Associated Co
1956 Underwood Betty J Mrs. h 833 Confederate ct SE apt b opr SBT&T
1956 Underwood Jack (Betty J) h 833 Confederate ct SE apt b radar tech state Natl Guard
1943 Waters Jack F r 182 1/2 Rawson SW lab
1931 Waters Leve E (Louise) h Fair SE barber T Pearl White p1217
1942 Waters Leveret (Louise) r 242 Memorial Dr textile wrkr Piedmont Cotton Mills
1928 Waters Leverett (Louise) r 148 Baker NE barber p1246
1937 Waters Leverett E (Louise) h 366a Fair SE barber T Pearl White
1929 Waters Leverette E (Louise) h 264 1/2 Decatur SE barber p1336
1930 Waters Leveritt (Louise) h savannah se barber p1146
1936 Waters Levert E (Louise) h 376 1/2 Decatur SE barber T Pearl White p1302
1938 Waters Levert E (Louise) h 264 1/2 Decatur SE barber p1437
1932 Waters Levi E (Louise) h savannah se barber Mark L Wages
1939 Waters Levrett E (Louise) h 372 Fair SE barber 286 Grant SE p1294
1943 Waters Levrett E (Louise) 182 1/2 Rawson SW barber
1942 Waters Lewis (Viola E) h 115 Fulton SW clk Big Star Store
1945 Waters Lewis (Viola) r 189 Rawson SW USN
1956 Waters Lewis C r 189 Rawson SW electn Cleveland Elect
1948 1949 Waters Lewis C (Viola E) h 189 Rawson SW electn Cleveland Elec p1535
1951 1952 Waters Lewis C (Viola E) h 445 Pryor SW electn Cleveland Elec p1577
1955 Waters Lewis C (Viola M) h 255 Richardson SW electrician
1947 Waters Lewis C (Viola) h 189 Rawson SW clk Big Star
1953 Waters Lewis C (Viola) h 535 Washn SW apt 4-D electn Dixie Elec p1309
1947 Waters Milton r 160 Rawson SW clk Colonial Stores
1943 Waters Milton (Augusta) ??? r 182 1/2 Rawson SW USN
1948 1949 Waters Milton (Kath) r 394 Washn SW clk Colonial Stores p1535
1950 Waters Milton (Kath) r 307 Crew SW clk Colonial Stores
1936 Waters Milton (Lyda M) r 362 Cooper SW clk GtA&PTeaCo
1937 Waters Milton (Lyda M) r 433 Crew SW clk GtA&PTeaCo
1931 Waters Ruby L r Fair SE p1218
1938 Whitfield Cecil (Ruby L) h 403 Central av SW clk p1470
1940 Whitfield Cecil (Ruby L) 405 Central av SE
1941 Whitfield Cecil (Ruby L) h 413 Central av SW hlpr p1542
1939 Whitfield Cecil (Ruby) h 403 CENTRAL AV SW lab p1325
1937 Whitfield Cecil M (Ruby) 229 Simpson NW clk p1467
1925 Whitlock John B (Martha) r 93 E Baker lab p1201
1927 Whitlock John B (Mary E) h 133 (95) Harris NE p1307
1927 Whitlock John M (Ema T) h 133 (95) Harris NE mgr Sou Gro Stores Inc p1307
1928 Whitlock John M (Emma) h 148 Baker NE br mgr Sou Gro Stores Inc p1273
1929 Whitlock John M (Emma) h 86 Harris NE br mgr Rogers Inc p1365
1939 Whitlock John M (Emma) h 287 Forest av NE wtchman p1326
1941 Whitlock John M (Emma) h 258 Hendrix av SW wtchman Rich's Inc p1543
1925 Whitlock John N (Emma) h 93 E Baker br mgr L W Rogers Co p1201
1928 Whitlock Mary E r 148 Baker NE p1273
1953 Wilson Jas L (Arlene W; Frederick Hotel) h 400 Whitehall SW p1368
1955 Wilson Jas L (Arlene W; Frederick Hotel) h 400 Whitehall SW
1951 1952 Wilson Jas L (Arline W; Frederick Hotel) h 400 Whitehall SW p1648
1956 Wilson Jas L (Arline W; Frederick Hotel) h 400 Whitehall SW
1947 Wilson Jas L (Arline) h 400 Whitehall SW mgr The Fredrick Hotel
1932 Frederick Hotel p1529

14 May 2008

finding obits

I'm lucky enough to live near a library that has the Atlanta Journal Constitution on microfilm. The AJC, in it's many forms, goes back to 1868 and the entire publication is available on microfilm, while only sections are available online (for a fee). Every now and them I'm able to go down to the library and find obituaries. Today's findings:


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