13 January 2009

Joyous snowfall

Living in Georgia, we don't get a lot of snow.  I can remember only three snows from my childhood. My Dad grew up in this county (Gwinnett) and my Mom grew up just one county south (DeKalb) - which means they can remember about as many snows from their childhood as I can.  That's why it was special to find some photos from my mom's childhood that show her and her siblings in the snow. Ruby Albea

This is a photo of my mom, Ruby, playing in an early 1964 snowfall. I love the expression of joy on her face.  It seems to say "Can you believe this?"

I love her oversized gloves, which were probably put on quickly without thought so that she could go play in the snow right now. I also love her red coat.  What other color coat should a girl named Ruby have?

Another photo from this day features more of my Mom's family. In the snow

Everyone is outside, enjoying the snow - including my aunt, who's wearing a skirt.  I think it's very much a sign of the times that even in this weather she's not wearing pants.  It reminds me that my mother was never allowed to wear pants in school.  It wasn't until her last year in high school (1971/2) that she was even allowed to wear pants under her skirt while walking to school. And once at school she would then have to take them off and attend class in a skirt.

So I really love these snow photos. They remind me of the fact that my mother's childhood was both like my own and also entirely different.


Charley "Apple" Grabowski said...

Snow in Georgia must be an event! Living in NY we were allowed to wear leggings under our dresses. It was in the early 70's when I was first allowed to wear pants to school. Perhaps it was a nationwide trend.

Professor Dru said...

Snow in Hampton Roads, VA is also an event. Maybe it has something to do with all the water we are surrounded by. Ruby and the others look like they were having a ball.


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