10 January 2009


There are a lot of photography website that let you create photo books.  But if I want to create a book, why would I do it through a photography website?  Doesn't it make more sense to make a book through a book publisher's website? I've made a few books with blurb.com and I really like how they've turned out. 

I like blurb because they have an application that you can download which allows you a good amount of options to personalize the book.  I really love the full bleed photo availability.  The best part of blurb is probably the price.  You can get a 7x7 (pictured) book with 40 pages for $12.  

I made some as Christmas presents and sent them out to my Dad's side of the family.  I filled it with family history documents and photos that allowed me to share my research with others.

blurb.com books

I've also uploaded a photo of my organizational efforts so far.  I've only just begun...


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