11 July 2010

I'm a Mac... and now a PC too

My family has always been a little techy. My mom worked with computers at her job and was always interested in bringing some of that technology home. I remember having word processors to type on, as well as our first computer.  We got some sort of Apple Computer in 1993. I remember Mom bringing it home and not really caring about it because we were going to skate night at school and we never got to go to those sorts of things. However, I quickly learned to appreciate the computer and what it could do and have been a Mac person ever since. But as of yesterday, I'm also a PC.

In "My Computer is a Ticking Time Bomb," I talked about my concerns regarding my Mac laptop. It's pretty much a desktop that could die any day, or years from now.  I really felt like I needed more mobile access to my computer in regards to my genealogy research and was thinking about getting a netbook (mini laptop). Having my bills payed up early this month, I saw that I had the money I needed to afford an inexpensive one and started shopping.  Well, turns out they cost a little more than I thought they did. I was shopping online at Best Buy, Amazon, etc and was seeing prices for about $350, whereas I was looking for about $250. Another problem with looking online was that I couldn't really see the differences between my options. I decided to do a little in person shopping and decided to check out Micro Center. I'm glad I did. They had a variety of options in my price range, as well as a selection of refurbished netbooks that were below my price range. And now, I'm typing this from my new Acer AspireOne netbook. And, because it was refurbished, I saved about $90.

Now, I'm just trying to figure out Windows 7. I've used PCs at work so I know the basics, but it's something else to start from scratch. I need to load some programs and software, and already started by adding TweetDeck and DropBox. Now, I need to add some genealogy software. I'm not necessarily looking for anything fancy. I plan on maintaining my Mac as my main computer, so I just want something that I can use to view my gedcom on this laptop. I'm also not looking to spend any money... I've spent enough at this point! So, does anyone have any recomendations for free genealogy software for Windows 7?


Carol said...

PAF is free, or has been in the past. I do not use it, no insider info.

By the way, the font on this post is very small, old eyes having trouble reading it.

Congrats on the new computer.

Becky Wiseman said...

Legacy has a free version available as a download from their website - I've used it since version 3.0



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