26 July 2010

Amanuensis Monday - James Wilson's photo

     Among the photos that my Aunt Ree gave me during our visit were two photos that belonged to her step-father, James L Wilson. James married my Great-Grandmother, Auline Witt around 1945 and they were together until his death in 1971. From what I understand, he became a welcome member of the family - aside from declaring his wife's name to be Arlene, not Auline because "that wasn't a real name."

     Aunt Ree had some of his family photos, one of which had a little writing on the back. Here's the photo:

wilson family - 1912

     Written on the back:
Taken 1912 at
Miller Place.
Pa & Ma were 52
yrs old.
Harry 9
Blanch 13
JLW 21
Bob 16

     From these names, I was able to find this family in census records. Pa & Ma were Frances "Frank" M Wilson and Alice Cook. Other children in the family were Noah, Oliver, Susie, Jessie, and Vernie. The family lived in Clinton County, Illinois, in 1900 and in Mayers County, Oklahoma in 1910.

     I'm only related to this family by marriage and I never met James. I'm sure that there must be blood family out there who would like the original of this and other family photos. I know that James had a son from his first marriage and at least one of his many siblings was sure to have had children. Please contact me if you are a family member interested in these photos.

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