08 July 2010

Frank's Estate Sale, Pt 1

One of the most interesting parts of the estate records I received for my GGG-Grandfather, Frank E Leaphart, are the records from the sale of his estate in 1856. I'm really starting to get a picture for what life was like for this family by looking at these records. On the first page, we have mostly farm animals and crops (a male cow?), which is a good indication of how this family made a living. I'll continue to transcribe these pages - it only gets more interesting!


Inventory of the sale of the goods and chattles of F. E. Leaphart Deceased

WagonGeorge Hallman15.50
Red cow & calfEml Shealy33.75
Black cow & calfH. L. Price15.00
old Red cow & calfM. L. Kyzer12.50
Red *** & calfEml Shealy20.00
Male cowM. L. Kyzer15.00
no horn yearlingH. L. Price8.00
cow & yearling in woodsM. L. Kyzer18.50
HelferR. H. Leaphart12.00
Hog 1st choiceJ. E. Leaphart12.00
" 2nd " M. L. Kyzer12.00
" 3rd " J. E. Leaphart12.00
sow & guineaM. L. Kyzer18.00
spotted shoats 5 pr. Hd.Daniel Jackson10.00
White shoat pigJ. E. Leaphart4.00
Black pigs 2.50 per HdM. L. Kyger5.50
goats1.50 " "G M. Caugh*4.50
2 "1.00 " "J. E. Leaphart2.00
1 "1.25A. D. J. Hayes1.25
1st  2choice sheep1.75 per. Hd.M. L. Kyzer3.50
2nd  2" "2.05M. L. Kyzer4.10
3rd 3" "1.75M. L. Kyzer5.25
4th 3" "1.00M. L. Kyzer3.00
5th 2" ".80R. H. Leaphart1.40
6th 3" "1.55J. E. Leaphart4.65
Wheat straw
W. T. Jumper1.70
Fodder by BulkJ. E. Leapart3.25
Fouls per Hed 28*J. E. Leaphart1.61
cropEast fieldAbalam Jackson19.00
field by HouseAbalam Jackson8.50
Wheat per Bu 2.45A. D. J. Hays12.25
"" " 2.45A. D. J. Hayes12.25
"" " 2.50J. E. Leaphart12.50
Ballance"" " 2.50J. E. Drafts18.75
WatchCalvin Price17.75

See an image of this page here, reproduced from microfilm in South Carolina Department of Archives and History, Columbia, S. C. Lexington County Estate, Box 17, Pg 3, FR 273-368. Estate File of F. E. Leaphart, E1965.

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