13 December 2009

Old Film

There's a drawer in the hutch that's completely devoted to photos. There are photo albums, baby books, school photo packets and loose photos. There was also a small bag of undeveloped film rolls, all about 15 years old. I say 'was,' because we had those photos developed.

It cost a little bit of money, but it was worth it. We didn't know what might be on the film, but I had some hopes: Christmas photos and photos from our 5th grade class trip to Space Camp. Well, guess what? That's what they were! Also included were photos from my sister's eye injury, the neighbors, and a few random shots.

Now, not all of the photos came out well. Many of them were taken by my sister and I (about 12 years old) and the photos had been slightly damaged with age. However, I feel that it was worth it to have the photos developed.

I was disappointed in one thing: from our class trip, only about 6 photos came out. Viewing the negatives, however, seems to indicate that we could get a few more photos from the roll. I have good information that I'll be getting a scanner for Christmas that will scan slides and negatives (squee!!!). Otherwise, I might send the negatives off to another film processor and see what they come up with.

Here are a few of the photos we got:

. .
. .
. .
Space Camp


Elizabeth O'Neal said...

What a special treat, Valerie! I hope that I'm as lucky when I pick up the 5+ year old rolls I left at Costco last week!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed looking through those. Brings back memories.


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