01 December 2009

Charlie Brown Christmas Trees (Advent Calendar - Day 1)

One of the "must watch" shows during the Christmas season is "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Watching this show always reminds me of what Christmas is all about. But, as children, what really stood out were the Christmas trees.

The tree that Charlie Brown picked out was skinny and "wimpy." The trees that the other kids liked were metallic and unnatural. When I was a kid we tended to have nice, full, live trees. So all of the trees in the show were very different than what me and my siblings were used to.

But, these trees weren't so strange for my parents. During their childhood, their trees were much like those in "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Sometimes metallic and silver, other times skimpy and small. Here are a few photos of my parents' childhood christmas trees:

Ruby Albea

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