16 December 2009

Oh, the trauma! (Advent Calendar - Day 16)

I don't remember much about Christmas in public school. We never had any plays or pagents, but we did do arts and crafts. We made angles out of paper bags, etc. But by the time I was in middle school we weren't really allowed to have Christmas related activities at school, because the county was sensitive to offending non-Christians. So, it was "winter break" not "Christmas break."

Probably the most well known "Christmas at school" story happened at nursery school. Our first was the La Patite in Lilburn. My siblings and I attended along with my cousins. I remember getting ready for a christmas party one year and making paper chains. I stapled my finger! I don't remember much of the party however - it's probably a suppressed memory.

The kids all got up to sing a song (I think, "Santa Claus is Coming To Town"). I guess I didn't want to and was kinda freaked out. I was crying - sobbing really. But I think I sang the song through the tears. But it's what I did during the song that's humorous today.

Here's what our group looked like at the begining. I'm the girl with the long hair in the snoopy shirt and black leggings at the far right. I don't look very happy do I?

Now, by the end of the song:

Hmmm... what happened to my pants? I was so freaked out that I pulled on my pants legs until they turned into shorts.

One possible contributing factor to my actions: I'm alone. The arrow points to my twin sister - all the way over there!?! And my cousins are circled. Why was I alone? I was never a very independent child - why did they do this to me?!? I think I'm still traumatized. And notice that I'm staring right at the camera, obviously sobbing. Mom! A rescue might have been in order! Poor little me...

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