03 December 2009

O Christmas Tree Ornaments (Advent Calendar - Day 3)

Santa the Pooh One of my favorite parts of Christmas is putting up the tree and, specifically, putting up all of our old Christmas ornaments. My favorite is Santa Pooh Bear. I've always loved Winnie the Pooh and Santa. So... perfect combination!

Now, I called these "old Christmas ornaments" and for me, they are (but for perspective, this is old for me, the 25 year old). Many of these ornaments are ones that my parents would put on their Christmas trees as children. I guess when they left home, they took some of the ornaments with them.

I didn't realize how many of these ornaments were from my parent's childhood until I started putting together a Christmas photo book last year (see it here). From those photos I picked out bells, glass balls, wooden figures and more that we hang on our tree now.

Ornaments from the photos below go up on our tree every year. Really, if we took a photo of the tree every year, it would be very difficult to figure out what year it was. A few things change over time, but the ornaments mostly stay the same. We put up the tree tonight and it looks almost exactly like the one in the bottom right photo. And, if you look closely in the photos below, you can find Santa Pooh Bear is some of the photos.

Part of the reason I love these ornaments is that each one has it's own story. Some were gifts, other remind my parents of their childhood; some are from my own childhood; many give hint to popular culture; many of these ornaments could be considered family heirlooms. I look forward to pulling them out every year and adding to the memories.

christmas albea11
Allen at Christmas 1979 kids at christmas - 1991

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Joan said...

Loved Pooh Bear! I dinna have a PB ornament, but I always had a big cookie tin of tiny creatures, such as PB that came out only at Christmas for the littlest of the kid's play and decorating whims. Thanks for the memories.


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