28 October 2009

The Census - then and now

I know most genealogists are probably looking forward to the upcoming 2010 Census - I know I am. I've never actively taken part in a census before, but I plan to this year (my dad just filled it out and sent it back without any fan-fair). And, of course, genealogists are interested in past censuses.

As a subscriber to the US National Archive's YouTube account, I saw that they had put up video from the 1940 census. It contains very cool archival footage and has that patriotic feeling from similar government productions of the same time period. Here's one of the videos:

Also on YouTube, the Census Bureau has its own channel. It looks like they want to educate folks about how the census will be taken and what the different steps there are in the process. Check out their latest of their video:


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I like the 1940 video.

Ruby Craft said...

I thought it was very funny in the 1940 video that they were showing smoke stacks to showcase industry and the marvelous machines with punch cards they were using to compile all of that information. Things have really changed.


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