14 October 2009

Craft family DNA

Some time ago, I had my dad take a 64 marker Y-chrom DNA test through Family Tree DNA. His results came back as haplogroup G. Once I had his results, I joined them to the 'Craft Surname Project' on the Family Tree DNA website.

There are a number of participants in the group, with 25 DNA listings and 19 family trees. At this time, there are two group members with 12 marker tests who match my dad's DNA. However, they have not responded to emails.

So, if there is anyone who descends from Craft family lines in the Elbert, Hart, Lincoln, and Morgan Counties of GA, or near Anderson County, SC, who is thinking about testing their Y-DNA, I encourage you to do so. I'd love to have someone to compare my Dad's DNA to.

Here's a chart of a few of my Craft generations: (click on the image to see the whole thing)

willis craft family tree

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