18 October 2009

Traveling (SftC)

My ancestors don't seem to have been very interested in travel. None of my direct ancestors lived outside of the south. Thus, they weren't much for extravagant modes of transportation. For the most part, travel was done by car. And my ancestors seemed quite proud of their cars.

MiltonLike many families, my ancestors posed with their cars, showing them off. One of the oldest photos I have is of my Great-Uncle Milton Waters, standing by the family car in Cabbagetown, Atlanta, Georgia. The photo was probably taken in the late 1920s.

Throughout the family photo albums are other pictures of family members with their cars. I really like the photos. They can help to date the photo and show the economic status of the family at the time.

craft, sarah roy & betty

Another neat example of the way my ancestors traveled is a registration card for my Great-Grandfather Wm David Witt's 1920 Model T. This card was found in my Grandaddy's papers and it's one of my favorite documents. It's just so unique!

model t

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