23 October 2009

New on Flickr: People in Photos

My favorite photo sharing site, Flickr, has added a new feature: People in Photos. It's just about the same as the ability to tag people in photos that you've uploaded to Facebook. (See their blog announcement)

All you have to do is go to the photo you'd like to add people to and click and drag a box around the individual's face. A box will pop up, asking if you'd like this to be a note or a person. When you select 'person,' a box pops up and you can type in the person's name. It will search for user names or real name from your contact list. You can now view all photos of a tagged contact.

There's the drawback: the only people that you can add are people that you have marked as contacts on flickr. So, your mom doesn't have flickr? Can't mark her. All of the ancestors in my photos? Can't mark them. This is a major drawback to this great new feature, and I'm not sure why flickr has designed it this way. On Facebook, you can add a name regardless. I hope that flickr will adjust their People feature to be more flexible - I'd love to be able to add 'people' to all my genealogy photos.

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Apple said...

You can label individuals in your flickr photos. At the top left above a picture use the add note. This won't work/link like the new people feature but it is a good way to identify individuals and I think it is searchable. See my Carlise family photo.


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