06 August 2011

SNGF: Present Photo Challenge

     This week's Genea Musings' Saturday Night Genealogy Fun spotlights the photo challenge at the Family Curator blog (details here). The challenge is to take a photo in the "Dear Photograph" or "Looking into the Past" style.

     I've actually done this before and blogged about it here. The finished photo can be very striking, though it can take a while to find the right photo and to get the technique right. You want to do this with a photo that has people and is in a distinct location. All of the photos I've done so far happen to be of people posing in cemeteries.

     Here's another photo that I've done, but hadn't posted. This is my Grandfather and Great-Uncle Bill visiting my Great-Grandmother Auline's grave in Westview Cemetery in Atlanta, cir 1980.

At Westview

     This photo is somewhat nostalgic, as my grandfather has now passed away.  He's buried in this plot now, but this photo makes it seem as if he's still here.

     This photo's composition is just about perfect, but the arm (my sister's) isn't in the best place, as it blocks most of the left side of the photo.  I do like how you can see my car in the background, which helps to show the modern timeframe.

1 comment:

Karen said...

What a creative idea - I had not thought of using the cemetery as a backdrop for a more "current" photo. Very touching results.


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