09 August 2011

Bethlehem Cemetery: Are You Related To These People?

     I was out with my sister when we saw a small cemetery on a hill in Hoshton, Jackson, Georgia. We pulled in to take some photos of headstones (for FindAGrave.com and BillionGraves.com).  According to the marker, this cemetery was at the former site of the Bethlehem Methodist Church, which burned November 11, 1970. Though the small cemetery is still there, the only part of the church remaining was the front step.

     There were two graves of note that I though I'd share online. The graves of the Edwards family had a sign, which requested contact from family:

The two graves are for:

  • Sarah A Edwards
    • Born: September 20, 1838
    • Died: May 17, 1906
  • Gideon Edwards
    • Born: April 16, 1822
    • Died: May 3, 1904
     If you happen to come across this post while searching for this family, you might call the number in the photo and see why Mickey is looking for you.

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