22 December 2008

finally, a response

I posted on October 24th about an issue I was having with Ancestry.com Magazine and my subscription. I had contacted them to find out when my subscription started, because I wasn't sure if I had missed any issues. I was contacted over a month later (honestly, I'd forgotten I'd emailed them) and entered into a somewhat confusing and all together unhelpful email conversation with the subscriptions department.

The last email that I received from them stated that "it sounds like you have missed some issues." That's it, just that statement, no solution. So I emailed back, asking what they would do about it. I received no response. That was at the end of October.

I've been sending emails, probably bi-weekly since then, trying to get an answer. Yes, I could have called them, but this started in email and could be finished in the same format. About a month ago, I received an Ancestry.com magazine for February in the mail. It didn't contain a letter or any information, but I assume that this was their way of making up the "missed issues." Great customer service guys!

So, I kept emailing. After a while I was just sending emails such as "Hello, anyone there?" and "I just want a response." Finally, today, I received an email stating:

"You have been issued a refund for the missing subs and have been giving one year free for the magazines.

Ancestry Publishing Sales & Support
ancestry publishing"

I'm glad that someone finally responded - but where is the customer service (and spell checker)? An apology or explanation for why it took six months to get this finished.... oh, wait! It's not actually finish. My question was: when does my subscription expire. I still don't have a date.

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