31 December 2008

My New Year's Resolution

My Genealogy New Year's Resolution for 2009 is to get organized! There are a few things involved with this:

1. Find all my stuff. I have a lot of books, magazines, documents, and photos that are scattered all over the house. So I need to collect it all into one spot.

2. File/Box it. I have a filing drawer for my papers and photo albums for old documents and pictures. I need to sort of of my stuff into these in an organized manner.

3. Make copies / print documents. A lot of documents, such as census records, are only on my computer. I want to print out all of my digital files so that I'll have hard copies - incase my computer crashes like it did a few months ago (luckily most documents were backed up!).

4. Keep it all together. I've cleared a bookshelf and have started putting my books, magazines, etc there. I want to keep this up so that I won't have any trouble finding my records.

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