03 January 2012

Petitioning 23andMe

     It's been at least 12 days since 23andMe changed their Frequently Asked Questions without notice, taking away previously promised data access to non-subscribing customers.  Despite almost two weeks of complaints and questions from customers on message boards, Twitter, Facebook and via email, 23andMe has yet to respond or even notify the rest of their customers of the changes.

     As a whole, we want them to reverse the changes. Personally, I want some customer service from a company that I've spent hundreds of dollars with.

     To put more pressure on 23andMe, genealogist Larry Vick (who has been featured on 23andMe's blog, The Spittoon) has started a petition. It's short and to the point:
"23andMe Don't Take Away Our Relative Finder Matches  --  I am asking 23andMe to stick to its previous commitment to let customers who discontinue its Personal Genome Service (PGS) to retain their existing Relative Finder matches as long as the customers fulfilled their PGS commitment."
     I have signed, as have 225 others. Please take a moment and sign it too.


Ruby Craft said...

How can a company not have a customer service department phone number so that you can call and talk to someone? I think the petition is a good idea. Thanks for making sure I knew about it.

Anonymous said...

Scott,the number you posted for 23&me is incorrect. The poor people at that number were very gracious and somewhat exasperated. Do you happen to have another number for them?

Anonymous said...

The number for 23&Me is:

Anonymous said...

I just called the 6300 number and Customer Support is not accepting calls "due to high volume" and is referring folk to their email contact. I need immediate answer for a sample.


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