08 January 2012

23andMe Resolution

     I've been writing a lot about DNA lately - hopefully I'm not boring people, but there's some great news today out of 23andMe.  If you have been reading my latest blog posts, you'll know that 23andMe made some policy changes that upset their customers. In short: they took away and limited features to non-subscribing customers that had been previously promised to them. In response, the genealogy community at 23andMe reacted with emails, tweets, facebook posts and even a petition.

     And guess what? It worked!

     Today Anne Wojcicki (CEO of 23andMe) wrote on their blog, apologizing and outlining their new and improved policies. The newly announced changes are exactly what the community was asking for.  I am very proud of what genealogists accomplished when they stood up for themselves and worked together to protect the investments they made with 23andMe. I'm also happy to see that 23andMe is a company that can admit when they make mistakes and acknowledge the value of their customers.

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