09 January 2012

What is ConnectMyDNA?

     I saw a tweet about a "DNA Self-Discovery Kit" and was curious enough to click on the link. It took me to a livingsocial deal for a DNA test for $29 (you buy a coupon to redeem elsewhere).  I'd never heard of the company before: ConnectMyDNA.

     From checking out their website and facebook page, it looks like this is a brand new DNA testing company that gives you a "Gene Ring," a sort of DNA fingerprint.  They say:
"Using cutting-edge science, ConnectMyDNA ™ looks at a tiny fragment (the 1%) of your DNA that makes you unique and creates your very own personal DNA signature. We then compare it to a database of over half a million samples of DNA collected from all over the world, revealing the most amazing story and giving you a snap shot of where you fit in this new world."
      Normally priced at $90, this test provides you with a visual representation of that 1% of your DNA and "connects" you to the populations reflected in your DNA. You use the website to explore your results.  Their references are from "current population groups from over 60 countries and identify which country your DNA profile most closely connects to." This is very different from tests provided from other genealogy minded DNA companies, which usually strive to find historic or ancient populations to test against. As you can guess, this test probably won't be helpful to your genealogy as those other tests are.

     But for only $30? I couldn't resist. It looks neat.

     If you're worried about your privacy, check out their policy.  They don't sell any of your data and they destroy your sample when they're done with the test.

     This deal is available for the next six days. If you are interested check it out.

Update: My Results

[Please note that the links provided to livingsocial are affiliate links. If three people buy through these links I get my money back. I cannot endorse this test because I haven't tried it before - I'm just willing to spend the money and take a chance.]


Your Genetic Genealogist said...

Valerie, any results yet? What was the kit like? I see the special is back. It is hard to resist.
Thanks, CeCe

Valerie Craft said...

@CeCe - I was quite disappointed in my results. I talked about the kit here and my results here.

hkj*324 said...

I was at a Walgreens Pharmacy the other week and saw they had some of their DNA testing kits 'on SALE'. It truly cracked me up...does that mean you get back cheaper family lines??


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