06 January 2012

Handwriting Help - What's the Maiden Name?

     Can anyone help with the maiden name of the groom's mother on this document? I've uploaded the entire document for hand writing comparison. You can see a larger version by clicking on the image.


Randy Seaver said...


It looks like "Unknown" to me...and it's underlined.

What about the bride's mother's maiden name? Is that "Clo" or "do" meaning "ditto?"

Linda McCauley said...

Valerie, I think it's "Unknown."

Valerie Craft said...

Ok, I can see where it might say 'Unknown.' If the name was unknown that would probably lead the bad handwriting. Why bother if it's unknown?

The underlining is me. It was pink but converted to gray - not sure why that happened.

Donna - What's Past is Prologue said...

Unknown, yes I have that surname too... ;-) Since it was filled out by the groom himself, he likely didn't know his mother's maiden name - the standard response on marriage and death records when the person doesn't know the name is "unknown". Sorry.

Susie Reynolds said...

I too think it says "unknown". I believe we all have that surname in our tree. :)


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