08 August 2010

Cowboys in the Family

     Over at The Slovak Yankee blog, Martin Hollick has come up with a great new meme for genealogy bloggers: Find an ancestral picture and tell us which TV show or movie it best depicts.

     Looking through photos from my parents childhood, and thinking back on some of the stories they've told, there's definitely a theme: westerns.

craft_wayne_gary_2 albea65 craft_wayne_gary_kenny

     These photos show my uncles on both sides of my family as well as my dad (on the bike) dressed up as cowboys.  I know my parents both grew up watchings shows like Bonanza. My mom tells a story about when Bonanza started showing in color. She was so excited that her favorite show would be in color and wouldn't believe anyone when they told her that they would still be watching it in black and white.  They didn't have a color tv. "But Little Joe says it will be in color!" She was very disappointed when the show remained in black and white on her tv.

     As children do, my parents liked to act out their favorite tv shows and stories. Here's a story that I transcribed from an interview with my mom about her siblings playing cowboys... and almost killing my Uncle Lloyd.
"I was too young to remember this but... when it happened, but mamma used to tell us sometimes about when we were little and June and Charlie and Lloyd were... I guess we were probably all out in the backyard and they were playin' Sheriff. And so, June or Charlie one was the Sheriff, and they had Uncle Lloyd and they had gotten him up on the tricycle and somehow they had gotten a rope around the chinaberry tree limb and they were gunna hang Uncle Lloyd.
Now, fortunately, mamma looked out the door... out the back door to check on us and saw Lloyd on the tricycle. And she was afraid to holler because she's afraid she'd scare us. So she had to go runnin' out the back door and she grabbed Uncle Lloyd so that she could get the noose off his neck before they kicked the tricycle out from under 'em. So, you never know what kinda crazy stuff that we were doin' when we were kids. But, anyway, it was just playin', fortunately mamma caught us in time."

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Sarah Farr said...

Great pictures and story!


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