29 August 2010

Whose Funeral Is This?

     My Grandmama had a large number of photos from her mother, Ruby Waters Huyler. She was also given a large number of photos and keepsakes from her aunts, who had no children themselves.  Most of those photos are of the Waters family, who lived in Atlanta, Georgia and Greenville, South Carolina. There are a lot of photos of unknown folks that I honestly don't know if I'll be able to ever identify most of them.

     Amongst the photos are three that I'm very interested in identifying: photos of a funeral. 

funeral funeralfuneral

     As you can see, two of the photos were taken at a inside location, a funeral home or church perhaps, and the third was taken at the cemetery. There are a lot of clues in these photos that might help to identify the time period and location: a profile of the deceased, the large number and type of flower arrangements, the other burial in the cemetery, etc. I'm going to take a day to analyze the photos and then post about what I find. If you see anything in these photos that might be helpful, point it out!  

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Miriam said...

Hi, Valerie,

Some thoughts I had as I viewed these photos: this man had to be a prominent member of his community, judging by the amount of flowers at his funeral. I would also do some research on the lamps in the photos, trying to date them at historical furniture websites.

Also, think about the culture and faith represented here. Some do not have open caskets, while others do. This might narrow things down a bit as to what denomination they were a member of. I'm also intrigued by the roof over the casket at the cemetery..never seen that before!


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