29 August 2010

Joining the Old Edgefield District Genealogy Society

     When I visited the Lincoln County Library last month, I spoke at length with the genealogist there.  After expounding on my ancestry, she encouraged me to join the Edgefield Genealogy Society, of which she herself is a member. It's the largest one in the state, and covers a large area of South Carolina. Old Edgefield County helped give birth to Saluda, Greenwood, and McCormick Counties, all of which were once home to my ancestors. And, although I have not made any concrete connection, many of my FamilyFinder DNA test results seem to point to Edgefield.

     The OEDGS has a pretty spiffy website that gives the history of the society and advertises all of the records that are available through them, including a large collection of books and newspapers.  They have numerous publications for sale and will also do information look ups for a fee.  Looking at their surname list, all of the surnames I'm interested in from this area are already listed. I'm not currently a member of any genealogy society, but this looks like a great genealogy one for me to join.

     Although it's a little late in the year to join a genealogy society, I mailed off my application and check on Friday. According to the website, I will receive all back issues of this year's newsletters. I'm really looking forward to receiving all of these newsletters at once. I really hope that there might be something in them that is pertinent to my research. I'll be waiting with anticipation until the materials arrive.

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