21 August 2010

Surname Saturday - Quattlebaum

    The Quattlebaum family line was the first that I was able to trace back overseas (thanks to the well researched, documented and published family histories already available). My most recent Quattlebaum ancestor is my Great-Great Grandmother, Frances Iola "Ola" Quattlebaum. She was born on 15 Mar 1879 in Edgefield County, South Carolina to Milledge Evander and Mary Jane Dorn Quattlebaum.  Here's the rest of the line:

1. Frances Iola Quattlebaum
b. 15 Mar 1879, South Carolina
d. 1 Sep 1932, Greenwood County, South Carolina
m. 1898 William David Witt
lived Edgefield & Greenwood Counties, South Carolina

2. Milledge Evander Quattlebaum
b. 16 Sep 1858, South Carolina
d. 25 Jul 1926, South C
m. Mary Jane "Mamie" Dorn
m. Martha Jane "Mattie" Reagan
lived Edgefield, Greenwood & McCormick Counties, South Carolina

3. John Peter Quattlebaum
b. 1 Jul 1817, South Carolina
d. 1 Apr 1906
m. Permelia Langley
m. Elizabeth Johnson
lived Edgefield & Greenwood Counties, South Carolina

4. David Quattlebaum
b. 12 Dec 1795, South Carolina
d. 1 Dec 1844, South Carolina
m. Jane Harmon
m. Nancy Johnson
m. Rosa Ann Nelson
lived Edgefield County, South Carolina

5. Peter Quattlebaum
b. 1744, Pennsylvania
d. est 1806, South Carolina
m. Ann Catherine Cappleman
lived Edgefield County, South Carolina and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

6. Petter Quattelbaum
b. est 1689, Germany
d. 14 Jan 1748, Kinsington, Philadelphia, PA
m. Anna Maria Barbara Von Der Hutte Herckendall
lived Rhine Region, Germany and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

In Germany, the original spelling was Quattelbaum. This is a map of the surname distribution in 
Germany today from World Names Profiler. Today there remains a high concentration of Quattelbaums in the Rhine Region.

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