30 August 2010

Amanuensis Monday - Grandaddy's Bible

My Grandaddy, Roy Albea, was given a bible in November of 1991 by two of his sons. He recorded his knowledge of his family's genealogy in this bible. Here's a transcription of the information:


This Holy Bible 
Presented to
Roy Vernon Albea Sr

Lloyd Milton Albea Sr
Larry Dean Albea

21st Day of November
1991 A.D.


This Certifies That
Roy Vernon Albea Sr
Betty Dolores Huyler
were wedded in
Holy Matrimony
on the First day of February
in the year of our Lord 1947
at Greenville, SC
by Rev Sparks
Witness Ruby Lee Waters "Mother"
Witness Lola Mae Buckner "Friend"


Name         Dates
All my children
Roy Vernon Albea Jr 8-28-49
June Elizabeth Albea 6-26-51
Charles Lee Albea 7-3-52
Ruby Louise Albea 8-26-54
Lloyd Milton albea 8-5-55
Larry Dean Albea 9-9-56


Family Tree

Wife Betty Dolores Huyler

Brothers and Sisters [Blank]

Mother Ruby Lee Waters     Father Vary Americus Huyler
Brothers and Sisters Mrs Ethel W Bouchillon Brothers and Sisters [Blank]
Mrs. Alma W. Underwood
Mr. L. C. Waters
Mr. Milton Waters
Mr. Jack Waters


Family Tree

Husband Roy Vernon Albea Sear

Brothers and Sisters 
Charles Ray Albea Twin Brother Deceased at 9 mos
Mrs. Frances Ninola A. Clary
Mrs. June Marie A. Wingard
Mrs. Pansy Cammellia A. Chandler

Mother Mamie Auline Witt Albea (Wilson)Father Charles Vernon Albea
Brothers and Sisters Mr Wilburn WittBrothers and Sisters Paul, Melvin & Coleman
Patricia W. StroudEvalina & Mattie
Mr Truman L. Witt
Mrs. Velma W. Cromer
Mrs. Alyce W. Page
Mrs. Gladys W. Fellows
Grandfather William David WittGrandfather William A. Albea
Brothers & Sisters [Blank]Brothers & Sisters [marked out]
Grandmother Mrs Ola Quatterbawm WittGrandmother Nina Sprouse Albea
Brothers & Sisters Mae & Ruby sistersBrothers & Sisters [Blank]

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