23 August 2010

Amanuensis Monday - Smith's In The 1899 ATL Directory

   A number of my Smith family ancestors appeared in the 1899 Atlanta City Directory. Because many in the family were of age and working they had their own listings, even though they lived in the same household.  I was excited to find my Great-Great Gradmother, Louise Smith with her own listing. I'd hoped to find her twin sister, Louisa, listed, but she died in 1899 and must have already passed when this directory was created. I was also hoping to find Louise's future husband, Leverett Waters, listed, but he wasn't there either. I haven't been able to find him in the 1900 Census and, as Lou and Leverett were married late that year, I hoped that he would be living near her in 1899. No luck so far. Regardless, here are the Smiths as they are listed in the directory.


1899 ATL Directory - Louise Smith
Atlanta City Directory for 1899

Page 1189
[Smith] Aaron, wks Expo Cotton Mills, r 63 Organ
[Smith] Albert, wks Expo Cotton Mills, r 63 Organ

Page 1200
Smith Miss Louise, wks Expo Cotton Mills, bds 63 Organ

Page 1202
[Smith] Richard T, wks Expo Cotton Mills, r 63 Organ

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