04 December 2009

Google Streetview vs. Bing Streetside

Microsoft has a new map program: Bing Maps. It's much like Google maps and even has its own street view, called streetside. Although this app is still in Beta, it looks pretty promising. Much like when Google's streetview first started, streetside is very limited in coverage. But, from a quick review, the images available are better than those from Google.

For example, viewing Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta from Memorial Drive SE:



I could go into detail about how to use Bing maps, but if you are familiar with Google maps, you'll figure it out quickly. Just click on the little blue man at the bottom middle of the screen and you can take it from there.

I'm hoping that Bing maps might provide new views or clearer images of areas I'm looking for. Also, a little competition might encourage Google to improve some of their images.

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