18 December 2009

The Christmas Bear Stocking (Advent Calendar - Day 18)

my stocking Every year for Christmas I've used the same stocking. It's a bear wearing a santa hat and red overalls. The overalls make up the storage area and can be filled front and back. His arms are curled up and create hooks to hang things from.

From what I understand, my mom went shopping with her mom when we were babies to pick out new stockings for all the kids. My mom picked out these stockings, but my grandmama didn't like them. She felt they weren't big enough. Grandmama was always looking out for her grandkids.

As I mentioned in my post about letters to Santa, when we were little we would hang our stocking on the hutch, as we had no fireplace. When we moved into our current house, we started hanging them on the fireplace mantle. Our Christmas list went into our stockings and Santa's Elves would come by and pick them up. On Christmas morning, our stockings would be full of candy and small toys. And I mean full!

Even after Santa stopped bringing us presents, he continued to fill our stockings. The photo on the right is of my stocking three years ago.

A few years back, we bought stocking for our parents. We try to put a few small things in them each year - though I've never done as good a stocking for them as they do for us.

christmas 1990

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