24 December 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

For Christmas I got a new scanner (we open presents on Christmas Eve since I have to work on Christmas). It has an attachment to scan slides and negatives. I started scanning tonight, beginning with a series of slides from my brother's birth. I'd tried scanning these slides before, to less than desirable results. This time, however, I was more than pleased with the results. Here are the results, with no editing on my part (aside from rotation):

Allen & Ruby

And here's what I had before from a regular scanner:


Greta Koehl said...

What a great present! I'm going to start "working" on my family now to buy me a new scanner for my birthday or Christmas next year. Merry Christmas!

Ruby Craft said...

Thanks Valerie! I've saved these slides all these years but never had any prints. Allen was 9lbs, 2oz but looks so tiny to me in this picture. I am so happy the new scanner and slide/negative attachments are working so great. Merry Christmas! Love, Mom

Joan said...

I really enjoy your blog and I have given you a HAPPY 101 SWEET FRIENDS AWARD. Please stop by Roots’n’Leaves to pick it up.


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