01 December 2009

FamilySearch Indexing, You Confuse Me

I've been trying to be more active indexing with FamilySearch Indexing, especially since The Georgia Archive is asking for help indexing their 1928-29 death certificates. I always find that it's easier to transcribe local documents, because you're more familiar with the names of cities and popular family names.

But, FamilySearch Indexing is confusing me. I'll go along for a while, requesting a batch of GA death certificates just fine. The only problem is that I can only download one batch at a time. Then, all of a sudden, GA death certs aren't listed as a project. As I switch views between "preferred projects" and "all projects," I notice that the list changes. Every time I switch, I see different projects, with different projects being given the "highest priority" tag. What's going on? Finally, the GA death certs re-apear. Yay! But when I try to download a batch, I'm told that there are no batches available. Grr.... How are batches not available when it's a high priority!?

So what I'm wondering is: is this a glitch or is this on purpose to keep indexers from staying with one project?

Here are some screen shots, in order, of what I saw when looking at my batch choices.

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sjtaliaferro said...

I am having the same issue. I especially wanted to work on the GA death certificates as well. However, it has only been offered as a download once. I can log on/off, but it does not show on the list.


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