16 March 2009

Monday Memories

Around the end of elementary school, I'd collected a few documents and pieces of memorabilia that I thought were important enough to save. I put these things into a shoebox and stored it under my bed. In the years since then, the box has moved around a bit, but it remained intact. At this point, it's something of a time capsule. I opened it today and here are somethings that I found. (click to view a larger image in a new window)

This is a ticket from an NHRA Drag-race that our family went to in 1996. My Dad likes to attend the Friday trials because they were less crowded.

swim1 swim2
After almost drowning during a daycare trip to the pool, our mom enrolled my sister and me in a swim class. I remember attending with another girl from the daycare. We were 8 years old and learning to swim along with babies.

postcard1 postcard2
A postcard from my mom when she went to Puerto Rico. This was the first time she'd left the continental US and flown on a plane.

This is a luggage tag from a 5th grade field trip to Hunstville Space Camp in Alabama. As far as I know, this was the first time I'd left Georgia.

In 5th grade, Sarah and I participated in 4-H. We both did presentations on computers in their competition. We decided we wanted to do it the day before it was scheduled and, needless to say, didn't win. We participated a second time at their Rock Eagle location.

program1 program2 program3
I think this was 5th grade too. I participated in a puppet play for art class. I played and endangered sea turtle. My sister was enlisted at the last moment to play "the net." It was a play about endangered animals and pollution.

Other items in my "time capsule" include: My braces, a Field Day t-shirt, the last published Calvin & Hobbs comic, a Six Flags over GA map, a Valentines Day card from my Dad, and an Atlanta Braves Keychain.

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