25 March 2009

Footnote.com = Connections

I've been a subscriber to Footnote.com since last summer. At first, I found the site hard to use, as the search is different from most other genealogy websites. But, I adjusted and was glad that I'd signed up. Footnote regularly adds content and it always includes the digital image of the document.

One thing that I really like about Footnote is it's "Person Pages." These pages are created from SSDI and WWII enlistment records and establish a page for each person listed. Users can then add additional information (dates, stories, etc) and photos to the page. You can also connect one person page to another and note the relationship.

These pages can then be linked to other documents uploaded to footnote. For example, I filled in information on my Grandfather, Thomas S. Craft. Then, I searched the (new, not complete) interactive 1930 census. I quickly found him. When I clicked on his name of the census, I'm given the option of adding images, comments, stories or person pages. I'm able to create a link from his name on the census, to a biography of him.

I love this! If others are searching for the same person, they will see the documents that I've added - including the fact that I can link my profile to his listing as a granddaughter. This will help to speed up research, as you won't have to search out for these documents. This connection of documents will also help to make connections between researchers.

Though one thing that I think could be improve for the person pages: the ability to combine them. There are listing for SSDI and for WWII army enlistments. My grandfather has a page in both areas. I'd love to be able to combine them. (page 1, page 2)

Also, it looks like footnote.com has updated their search engine. It's not incredibly different, but it seems more organized and runs just a bit faster.

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