15 March 2009

The Animals of the Family

I've been away this past week, pet sitting at my sister's house while she was on vacation. It reminds me of my pets, and those of my family. Here are a few:

Beagle tippy
Beagle (the failed hunting dog) and Tippy

craft: john, greg, red (dog) - 3 jul 1971
Red, my Dad's favorite pet

Mom's family fish tank
(you can see mom through the tank)


And our dogs now:

Betsy & Trixie

We got Betsy when I was in sixth grade. We got her from a friend of mom's, who had found her as a puppy in her flower bed. We got Trixie the following year. She was born to Sarah's friend's dog and we convinced our parents to let us get another puppy.

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