30 March 2009

GA County records from Microfilm

As part of the Georgia Archive's Virtual Vault, County Records from Microfilm are available online.

This collection includes Marriage Books and Tax Digests from a few select counties (45 out of 159). Each record has an index, which is a digital scan of the record's index pages, and the record contents. What this means is that you have a digital copy of the microfilm records that you can view on your home computer. The records are not transcribed, so there is no way to search for a specific name - you can only browse. You can zoom and download the images, and not all of the images are legible. The site doesn't work well with Safari, so Mac users should try Firefox.

The only counties of interest to me are Elbert, Emanuel and Lincoln, none of which have tax info available. From those counties, however, I have half of my Georgia lines. I already know many of the marriage dates that I'm looking for, and am looking for the images to add to my files, as well as confirm my information.

Here are just some of my finds:

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