17 March 2009

Georgia Vital Records

One fantastic resource for genealogists are state and county Vital Records offices. I've been a frequent requester of records from the GA and SC Vital Records.

The Georgia Department of Human Resources hosts the Georgia Vital Records office. They have a great website (http://health.state.ga.us/programs/vitalrecords) with information on how to request the records they provide.
  • Birth - $15; state; 1919 to present; certificate provided
  • Death - $15; state or county; 1919 to present; certificate provided
  • Marriage - $10; state, 1952 to 1996; county, pre-1952 & post-1996; license (not application) provided
  • Divorce - $10; state, search & confirmation only, no records provided; county, contact superior court provides record
For each record, the website provides detailed information on what information will be provided, who can request it and what information is required to complete your request. For birth and death marriages, there is an online form that requesters can fill out and print in order to ensure that the correct information has been provided.

Requests can be placed via mail or in person at the Vital Records office in Atlanta. Payment methods include money orders or certified checks for mail requests, or cash for in person requests. Response times for requests vary, with records being received as quickly as two weeks and as slowly as a month and a half.

Today, I mailed off for the marriage license of my GG-Grandparents, Leveret Waters and Louise Smith. I'm eagerly awaiting it's delivery.

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