28 March 2009

it'll be ok, just breath

My laptop won't turn on.  I'm freaking out!  Apparently while I was at work today it got some water spilt on it.  It was working - and then it wasn't.  The battery is fully charged, but it just won't turn on.

I bought this one (MacBook) at the end August when my last laptop died.  That one was old and it was making funny noises, so I wasn't too surprised when it passed on.  But this one? Totally unexpected. It wasn't much water apparently and it didn't seem as if it got inside the computer, but maybe it did.  Why else would it just stop working?  I'll take my laptop in tomorrow to the Mac store and see what they say.

Well, it's under warranty, so at least I hope to not loose money.  But, second to money is, of course, data.  Did I loose data?!?  

Not too much I think.  I backed up my genealogy files at the beginning of March onto a flash drive.  The only thing - I think my gedcom file is from January.  Not too bad.  Also, some of the marriage records that I've been pulling from the GA Virtual Vault the last few days aren't saved.  But they're online so I can just find them again.   

Data Backup Day for the win!  Lesson learned: even practically brand new hardware is not safe so don't take chances.  

1 comment:

geneabloggers said...

I am so glad you backed up your data - and Data Backup Day saved the day!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the laptop comes back to full life soon!


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