31 August 2013

The Book of Me, Week One

     There's a new blog prompt series from the Anglers Rest blog, called Book of Me.  It will be a 15 month series of topics that encourage bloggers to write about themselves.  I'm pretty excited about this series and would encourage my family members to participate.  You don't need a blog to do this, just get a composition book and follow along.  You can follow the prompts at the Book of Me, Written By You Facebook page.

     Week One: Answer the question, "Who Are You," by answering that question 20 times.

  1. I am Valerie.  Of the 4,259 people in my family tree, I'm the only one.
  2. I am an identical twin.  Just like my Grandaddy.  No, I never traded places with my sister in school.
  3. I am a daughter.  My parents love me forever, love me for always, as long as they're living, their baby I'll be.
  4. I am a sister.  My older brother used to watch my sister and I in our crib, waiting for us to wake up so that he could play with us.
  5. I am an aunt.  It's a brand new thing, but it's pretty awesome.
  6. I am a genealogist.  I got started in 2001 thanks to a Geography project and my mom's encouragement.
  7. I am a 9th generation Georgian.  Sometimes I wish my tree was more exciting - but boy do I know how to do Georgia research!
  8. I am not as organized as I'd like to be.  I would totally buy everything they carry at Office Depot, but would never put it to it's proper use.
  9. I am an introvert if I don't know you and an extrovert if I do know you.  Which leads to:
  10. I am a homebody. I'm pretty happy sitting at home, doing genealogy, watching tv, spending time with family, etc.
  11. I am creative.  I've made lots of scrapbooks over the years, though I don't do as many now as I used to. I also crochet and paint the occasional ceramics.
  12. I am a photography enthusiast.  I know a bit more than the average person, but I have a lot to learn. 
  13. I am an animal lover.  I miss my Betsy and Trixie, but I'm grateful for Chisai (Chee-sigh)
  14. I am nervous in a thunder storm.  It's only developed over the last few years, but boy do those rumblings make me anxious. 
  15. I am an Atlanta Braves fan.  I was going to put Baseball fan, but I wanted to be specific />/>/>
  16. I am an avid reader.  I have a Kindle, but also read a lot on my iPhone.  I love Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult and light classics (Jane Eyre is my all time fave).
  17. I am not good at grammar.  I miss spelled grammar the first time I wrote that sentence.
  18. I am a Two-Year College Grad. By that I mean that I have an Associates Degree, and need to go back for my Bachelors. 
  19. I am a bearer of birthmarks.  I had a ton as a baby but now I have two.  I always feel like my left shoulder is wrong because it doesn't have the same birthmark as my right one does.
  20. I am recently skinny(er).  I've lot 71 pounds in the last 10 months and will be doing my first 5K run in about two months.


Julie Goucher said...

I love your responses.

Kat Mortensen said...

Excellent! Another person I have stuff in common with. I so hear you on 9 and 10.

Nice to meet you!

Stephanie said...

What a great post! I didn't start developing anxiety issues until well into my 20s, and they have actually turned me into a homebody. And I am right there with ya on the introvert/extrovert issue.


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