24 August 2013

DNA Testing My Nephew

     Yes, I did a DNA test on my one month old nephew.  I never claimed not to be obsessed.

     I purchased an autosomal DNA test from my favorite DNA company, Family Tree DNA, during their summer sale, for $99.  They promised that if test purchases during their sale were strong enough, they would permanently lower the price of their autosomal test, which they have now done.

     We did the two cheek swabs on Jasper a few days apart and just before feeding time.  Thus he was already crying (poor thing!), mouth wide open.  I swabbed from both cheeks on each swab to try and get as good a sample as possible.  I am still a little concerned that we weren't able to get a good sample though.  He has such tiny cheeks!  The test has arrived at the lab, but hasn't yet been added to a processing batch.

     I decided to test my nephew for a few reason. First off, why not?  Second, to see the amount of DNA I share with the little guy.  My nephew is the son of my identical twin sister (who I have not tested), so it should be more of a parent/child amount of DNA.  As a bonus, if it does come back parent/child, it will confirm that my sister and I are identical.  Third, it's a way to test my brother-in-law, who doesn't really care one way or the other about genealogy.

     Hopefully I'll get the results back in about 6 weeks and have some new DNA data to play with.


Michelle Goodrum said...

Way to go, you sneaky little devil ;-)

Julie Goucher said...

Ah poor wee Jasper! A good idea to involve him in NextGen! A fascinating point about your twin. Of course your DNA should be the same, but would it be I wonder?


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