18 May 2013

A Google Chrome Extension for AncestryDNA

     I was browsing Ancestry.com's DNA message boards the other day, when I saw a really interesting post.  A user of AncestryDNA was working on a Google Chrome extension to help fill in part of the features gap that is (in my opinion) a huge problem with Ancestry.com's autosomal DNA test.

     For those of you who might be unfamiliar with extensions, it's a little piece of code that you can download and attach to the Google Chrome web browser that modifies web pages.  In this case, the code adds a search function and the ability to download match lists and different data from your matches. The only hitch is that you have to view each match individually to allow the extension to log the data. The latest update sent out includes a feature that lets you pull all of your match's surnames with the click of one button.

     What I'm most excited about is the ability to search your matches by names or surnames. Take a look at the new search function that this extension adds:

     You can see a search box at the top of the screen with some search options. You can search by username or surnames.  In this example, I've searched for matches who have the surname 'Waters' in their family trees.  I have a results list of 10 matches.  Amazing! (Actually, what's amazing is that Ancesty.com doesn't already offer this feature).

     So, how do you get this awesome tool?  Email Jeff at jsnavely@cox.net. He will email you the extension and installation instructions.  Have fun!


Greta Koehl said...

Thanks for the lead, Valerie. Ancestry has really dropped the ball in several ways with Ancestry DNA. With the ability to link test results to Ancestry tree information, they had the potential to make the Ancestry autosomal DNA test the best out there, but the lack of chromosome mapping capability and no real search capability basically negate that advantage.

Helen Rhoads said...

Valerie, I'm curious if Waters is actually a line of yours. It's one of mine, so I'd love to connect and share info if you're interested.

Helen (Wishum) Rhoads

Robert said...

You can see a search box at the top of the screen with some search options. You can search by username or surnames. Cell Phone Tracker Plus


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