10 May 2013

Where'd My AncestryDNA Leaf Hints Go?

     I logged in today to check my AncestryDNA matches (my autosomal DNA test from Ancestry.com).  I glanced over my most recent, un-viewed matches first, but didn't see anything promising.  Next I filtered my matches by those that have shaky leaf hints.  I went to scroll down the page, looking for new matches.  Boy was I surprised when my scrolling almost immediately brought me to the end of the page.

     I would estimate that 2/3 of my leaf hint matches are gone.

     When I first got started with AncestryDNA I used the function that allowed you to "star" your matches to keep track of those with whom I had found a connection.  I could then filter my matches by those that I had stared.  Once Ancestry allowed users to filter by leaf hints, I stopped doing that and started adding stars to matches that did have ancestral hints, but did not have leaf hints (ongoing bug, no resolution in sight!).  Organization is key.  So now that my leaf hints are gone, it means that I do not have a way to find my missing matches without sorting through 88 pages of matches and opening each one. And I never made a list of my AncestryDNA matches like I do with my ftDNA and 23andMe matches, because there is no search function!

     I was never 100% happy with AncestryDNA's autosomal test, but now I'm about fed up.  There are so many basic functions missing from this product and it is beyond buggy.  Yes, it's still in Beta, but they haven't fixed the known issues and have released very few new features compared to what has been requested.

     I sent feedback to Ancestry.com in two ways: their feedback form and twitter.  I got a quick response from my twitter feedback that it was  known issue and to send an email to support@ancestry.com.  I would recommend others check their matches and send an email if they see the same issue.

     I hope that this issue is fixed soon, but given my experience with AncestryDNA so far, I'm not holding my breath.


Debbie Blanton McCoy said...

A lot of mine are missing, too. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I wrote down a lot of my close matches, but not the ones with hints. Sure hope they are able to fix this!

Greta Koehl said...

Aargh - a bunch of mine are definitely missing! I did write down all of my matches, however. And this after FTDNA "adjusted" their algorithm and got rid of several matches for whom I had identified the connection and was using them for chromosome mapping.


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